If you are looking to join one of the fastest growing companies in South Jersey and are ready for a challenge, then you are in the right place.  N.E.C. is always looking for top quality, dependable and hard working people.   N.E.C. values the safety and satisfaction of its customers, that is why our employees are screened and back-round checked prior to hiring. 

So, are you interested in joining the N.E.C. Team?   Well read on, and see if you have what it takes.

  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Are you able to work outside normal business hours ?
  • Are you respectful & customer friendly?
  • Do you work well with others?
  • Do you take pride in your workmanship?
  • Do you have a clean driving record?
  • Will you submit to random drug testing?
  • If you make a mistake at work, will you bring it to someones attention?
  • Do you follow instructions well?
  • Are you constantly seeking to improve your skills?

 If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, then feel free to apply.   N.E.C. aims to ensure that only the best candidates are hired, we do this for customer safety and satisfaction, and for proper business growth.

Click on the “Job Application” tab below and take your first step towards becoming part of a winning team.  Every application submitted will be reviewed,  and you will be contacted if N.E.C. wishes to set up an interview. 

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