Fire Alarms


For Your Business

By code, most new businesses are required to have a fire alarm system installed, rightly so.   A fire alarm system is an essential part of any  business, providing life-safety and property protection, no business should be without one.  If you have been considering adding or updating a fire alarm system for  your business or building, then call N.E.C  for a free consultation.  We will design, install and monitor your system.  N.E.C. will also schedule periodic maintenance and tests for your system, to ensure proper operation when you need it most.  Our team is standing by.

For Your Home

The standard fire protection method in your home is designed for life-safety only.  N.E.C. believes that life-safety protection is the most important.  But, N.E.C. also believes in using those life saving devices (smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc) to protect your home as well as your family.

Standard smoke detectors are better than having nothing at all.  If you are home when a fire begins, your smoke detectors could save your life by warning you to exit your home.  But if you are away from home and a fire begins, your standard smoke detectors will not be able to call the fire department, and by the time it takes for someone to notice and call the fire department, the fire will have caused major damage to your home.  N.E.C. wants  to offer you a better solution, a fully automated monitored fire alarm system.  The moment this system detects a fire it will warn you and the fire department in an instant.  And if you are home, it allows you to focus on getting your family out first, while allowing the system to do its job.  If you are away from home, your system will call the fire department quicker than anyone else, preventing a substantial amount of damage to your home.  N.E.C. is offering this fire protection system as an alternative to your existing system, allowing you to protect both your family and your home.  Call N.E.C. today for a free consultation and estimate.