In August of 2011, hurricane Irene made its way towards New Jersey.  Upon hearing this news, the people of New Jersey  began to prepare for what they thought would be a destructive hurricane.  They began to board up windows, stock up on food and water, and purchase portable generators for an inevitable power outage.  Within days of hurricane Irene arriving, every store that carried portable generators were sold out.  The fear of being without power drove the sales of portable generators through the roof in such a short period of time.  Want to know why?  Because it is a tendency for people to react rather than anticipate.  Just about everything in your home or business works with electricity, so naturally, power outages make people feel helpless and can also be very costly for businesses.  If you have ever felt helpless during a power outage, or worried about loosing perishable merchandise in your business, why not call N.E.C. and have us install  a back up generator for you?  We can handle the entire project from start to finish and provide you with scheduled service maintenance for your equipment to help protect your investment and to ensure proper operation when you need it most. 

Let’s face it, power outages are never convenient, and you never know how long the power will be out for.  Take charge of your home or business and don’t let the fear of a power outage leave you scrambling  at the last minute to find a generator.  With a back up generator installed in your home or business, you can be worry free, knowing that whenever the next power outage occurs, your home or business will automatically function as normal.  Back up generators are a great idea.  Give yourself and your family the peace of mind you deserve.  Call N.E.C. and schedule a free consultation for your home or business and we’ll help you decide which type of generator is right for you.