Security Cameras


N.E.C. is committed to providing services that help keep your family and property safe from harm.  And the installation of security cameras has become another means by which N.E.C. is able to provide that additional security.  Surveillance (security) cameras have become more and more popular with the growing crime rate.  Both homes and businesses feel more at ease when they are able to monitor and record what goes on around their property.  And with today’s technology, you can easily access your surveillance cameras live via the Internet or any smart-phone, no matter where you are. 

Our systems come with numerous capabilities, which allow us to design a system that is right for you.  With 24/7 recording capabilities and up to 2 weeks of stored footage, you can be sure that important events will be caught and kept by your new surveillance system.   Call N.E.C. today for a free consulation & estimate, and let our team install your new security camera system.