Solar Power


The benefits of solar power has become increasingly more evident to home owners and business owners alike.  Just imagine, using the sun’s power to supply you with FREE electricity for you to use.  The installation of a solar system is an investment in which you will reap rewards in two ways. 

The first reward begins the minute your system is turned on, it will begin reducing your monthly electric bill by as much as 95% depending on the size of your system.  For you, this means a very very low monthly  electric bill.  The money that you begin saving each month by not paying what you were paying on your electric bill is one way your new solar system begins paying for itself.

The second reward you receive from your solar system comes by the way of “solar renewable energy credits” commonly referred to as “SREC’s”.  Upon energizing your system, your solar meter begins recording how much total energy is being produced by your system.  Watt by watt, day by day, your meter adds up the wattage produced by your new solar system.  Once you have generated your first  1000 watts, we refer to this as “1 kilowatt”. Every 1,000 kilowatts produced by your system is referred to as an SREC.  These SREC’s can be sold for money as often as you continue to produce them.  The going rate of an SREC can and does go up as well as down, this is important to understand as this rate will ultimately determine how long it will take to get a return on your investment.  The higher the SREC is selling for, the quicker your return on investment will be and the quicker you can begin making money from your system once its paid off.  Naturally, the opposite is also true.  The lower the SREC sells for, the longer it will take for you to get your money back from your system and thus earn extra income. 

N.E.C. wants every customer to be well informed before making a decision to purchase a solar system.  While we strive to sell and install solar systems, we strive all the more to lay all the facts out on the table so each customer can make the best choice that benefits them and not us.

Have you been thinking about having a solar system installed in your business or home, but are still not sure?   Then please contact N.E.C. to learn more on the benefits of solar systems and  for a solar system installation quote.